Wallpapering / Load / Wrapping of a Container in Dar es Salaam. In addition to insurance coverage, we guarantee packing, handling & protection of products to maintain their original quality from the hills of Burundi or Rwanda to destination. Moisture levels must be kept at a regular percentage and any variation from the warehouse of origin must be minimized. The use of a 42’ container for a lot of 320 bags will leave sufficient space inside the container to create a buffer effect and reduce heath variation and keep humidity level in the proper range during the journey..

Requirements of Insurance companies that we guarantee containers used are clean, dedicated exclusively to non-toxic materials, must be dry and ultra clean. These conditions can be certified by a group of professionals who work with freight specialist recognized worldwide for their Certification process.

This is to ensure that optimal conditions are met before, during and after loading the containers on a ship.


Bagging in the proper material is key to protect the flavor and humidity levels at the right percentage. With seasonal shifts in temperature between a Tropical region & North America, significant stress is put on a container of coffee. So Pro Grain Bags will be part of the solution.




Legal advice
Not when their advice and expertise can save thousands of dollars in wasted time; a good law firm will assist with their experience, their expertise and their contacts which sometimes may be quite valuable. This is no useless expense.


Washing stations 

It is a gage of transparence for TGEP to provide more technical informations for our clients on the following stations (by mail or phone) :


Countries data map avalaible here :  (from www.ico.org)


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