• Ensures that negotiations are completed with satisfied customers
  • Makes sure funds are transferred within reasonable delay
  • Makes sure that invoices are paid regularly and promptly
These conditions contribute to create a climate of trust which enables us to complete many transactions with smooth efficiency. One of these secrets is to deal with a Banking Organization which cares that delays may cause harm, has global expertise and deploys human resources capable of exchanging with confidence despite language barriers and time differences. In TGEP Inc., we work with HSBC, our World Bank. 


Against damage of all kinds, accidents, theft, riots or vandalism. These kinds of incidents happen, it's called Murphy's Law *. In such circumstances a reputable establishment is always of great asset.
At TGEP Inc. we work with experts to protect our cargo where ever they are located.











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*Murphy’s Law : "Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong" ; This statement has allowed NASA to enable them to conquer the Moon and explore Mars. It makes a rule of providing at all times, an alternative develop Working methods that have solution when & if an operation is faulty. ICO (International Coffee Organization)

Journal of Commerce website

Data on the country coffee sector are extracted from the Organization's statistical databases and refer to 2011. In addition the following sources have also been consulted: IMF, World Bank.