We operate in such a way to make sure that our coffee sample or containers go across continents and oceans safely and quickly. That requires a rigorous administrative monitoring with experts in cross-border transactions.

Our expert traders are familiar with Customs regulations, and ensure compliance with all safety standard at the borders of Canada and United States. 

TGEP works with professionals in the field, a leader in Canada & USA, Milgram.

Moving containers across oceans, on rails or on highways also requires logistics and knowledge of various rules of international transport; this contributes to reduce or eliminate delays and reconcile the most relevant information quickly for all administrative and physical status of any cargo. These operations must be carried out of precise planning, constant coordination and rigorous monitoring. This is what TGEP excels with the assistance of our Custom experts, Freight Forwarders outside our borders and our African partners.




 Useful links 

CBSF (Canada Border Services Agency) FDA (US Food & Administration) ICO (International Coffee Organization)