This is what coffee from Burundi is all about

The discovery of flavors and textures as new and unique as the land and the people who welcomed us to discover one great Region of our planet. Hand made, treated with organic fertilizers, harvested on human sized farms, we invite you to explore the hills of Burundi to discover one of the best Arabica coffee that Africa can offer.

This is why TGEP was created as a partnership between two players living in Bujumbura and two others from Montreal. Tharcisse, George, Etienne & Pierre-Paul invite you discover high quality coffee.



 Coffee washing stations

- ButeganaNew : UTZ Cecrtification  


- KagombeNew : UTZ Certification  


- KaguhuNew : FAIR TRADE Certification


- MaruriNew : FAIR TRADE Certification


- MpembaNew : FAIR TRADE Certification 


- Rugerero


Carte Coutries data map - All about coffee production in the world : World coffee map (